PWS are a leading pipeline construction specialist company in the civil, mining, agriculture and aquaculture industries.

The PWS team has a broad range of complementary skills in the distinctive and specialised area of HDPE high pressure pipe welding in all sizes. Including the fabrication of materials to provide unique / fit for purpose solutions. The PWS team includes complimentary trades including builders, plumbers, earthmoving operators, engineers and project managers.

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PWS have the capability and capacity to undertake large scale HDPE pipeline construction. Including the capacity to design any pipeline to meet your requirement and can provide total pipeline construction solutions.

PWS can supply, deliver and install pipelines including earthworks, HDPE poly welding, property outlets, air valves, scour valves and connection to existing infrastructure inclusive of commissioning and hydrostatic pressure testing.

Works are carried out by our highly qualified and experienced staff using a vast array of our own equipment including;

McElroy Tracstar HDPE Welders capable of all size HDPE high pressure pipe welding – Hydrostatic Test Units – Excavators – Tip Trucks – Telehandlers –Tilt Trays – Service Trucks – Generators – 4 x 4 support vehicles – Prime Mover and Float.

As part of our quality assurance processes all pipe welding can be data logged with GPS co-ordinates of welds tracked and logged. This information is stored in a database and access can be provided to the client with prior arrangement.

Information that is captured and logged for the welds will include a joint analysis providing information on the operator, machine used for welding, pipe specifications (thickness, size etc.), piston specifications, bead up pressure, heat soak pressure, fusion specification, open and close times, location, temperature and time of weld.

Hydrostatic pressure testing and commissioning plays a large part in the pipeline construction industry with PWS offering a specific test unit, with a diesel powered pump @ 3500kpa, pressure regulator, bypass line, water tank and data logging digital gauges to ensure optimum quality. No pipeline is too big or too small to test here at PWS. During the Scottsdale irrigation scheme project PWS hydrostatically pressure tested over 100km of pipeline.

polythylene repairs and maintenance

polyethylene repairs and maintenance

The PWS team are experienced and capable of completing various repairs and maintenance works, such as:

  • Undertaking HDPE pipe modifications or upgrading existing infrastructure
  • Repair work to damaged HDPE pipelines
  • Installation and fitment of new plant to existing infrastructure
  • Installation and fitment and replacement of components, valves, pumps
  • Prompt response for maintenance
  • Licensed in high risk work
  • Trouble shooting – PWS have a solution focused approach to achieve a fit for purpose and cost effective solutions.
solutions for mining, civil, aquaculture and agriculture

solutions for mining, civil, aquaculture and agriculture

PWS are a local Tasmanian firm dedicated to delivering high quality and fit for purpose solutions to various industries.

PWS have the capability within our dedicated team of qualified and experienced staff to provide HDPE / poly welding solutions, such as butt welding, electrofusion welding and extrusion welding services for the mining, civil, aquaculture and agriculture industries.

In delivering pipeline solutions our team at PWS have the proven ability to effectively manage challenging projects. Depending on the site limitations HDPE pipeline construction can be either welded in sting or insitu, including in trench tie in welds if required.

The versatility of our team enables PWS to construct and manage the installation of various forms of infrastructure onsite, such as pumps, pump stations, manifold stations, tie in connections with existing infrastructure (HDPE or steel) or water storage.

The PWS Project management team will work closely with our onsite teams to ensure completion of the works, with an emphasis on quality and professionalism. Balancing the technical and complex issues, whilst keeping a tight control of project scope and costs, ensuring timely delivery and most importantly client satisfaction.

equipment hire

equipment hire

  • 20 Tonne Excavator
  • 5 Tonne Excavator
  • Telehandlers
  • Truck & Float
  • 10Y Tipper Truck
  • Tilt Tray Truck
  • Assorted Poly Welding Machines
  • 3 Tonne Fork Lift
  • Scissor Lift
  • Site Office