TasWater have sought the services of PWS to assist with the sewerage and potable water network across Tasmania due the expertise PWS have in HDPE, their system and management framework contributing to the ‘Zero Harm’ philosophy of TasWater.

Recent projects completed by PWS for TasWater were:

  • 4km of 315mm HDPE for the sewer line from Fonterra to Wynyard’s Waste Water Treatment Plant, and plumbing connection at both ends.
  • Replacing failing asbestos sewer lines with 450mm HDPE at various locations across Southern Tasmania
  • Upgrade the Rosebery Watermain with 250mm HDPE
  • Upgrade the Forth Potable Water Reservoir using 630mm, 400mm and 110mm HDPE
  • Various irrigation lines and systems on the recycled water network